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8. března 2010 v 13:11 | Andrea |  KGE/ZAJG2
HW 8. 3. 2010
Write about a nightmare journey you've had (or invent it).

Paragraph 1
1. When was the journey?
2. Where were you going?
3. Who with?
4. Why?

Paragraph 2
1. What went wrong?
2. What happened?

Paragraph 3
1. What happened in the end?

The story should be 120 - 150 words long (articles aren't counted as words ;))
Check the story for mistakes - grammar, punctuation, spelling.

(NEF Intermediate, p. 33)

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1 Martin Zácha Martin Zácha | 12. března 2010 v 15:02 | Reagovat

My nightmare journey
     It was happen three years ago, I think. I should to go to summer camp with our scout group.  We had a meeting on Olomouc station.  
     The first problem than come, was the train to Olomouc was delayed, so me and my sister was really stressed, than we lost the meeting. Luckily we caught the train and went to meeting on the time.  The second problem started, when the express had two hour delay, because the engine was broken. We had to go by other train, but these train, was going slowly. In this result, we missed the bus to village near our camp. So, we had to catch the bus to the other nearest village, but the village was about ten kilometres far from our camp.
     In the end, we luckily come to camp, but every children were almost dead after ten kilometres long trip with every our luggage.

2 Barbora Iršová Barbora Iršová | 13. března 2010 v 15:14 | Reagovat

Journey home

    I was on this journey two months ago in 9 January 2010. In that time was terrible weather. The wind blowing and the huge snowflakes were falling underfoot and the coldness feeling was biting on my all body.
    I was waiting on the bus terminal in Olomouc. The bus had to arrive at 15:50, but it has had 10 minutes delay. In that moment, I was wondering, that the bus will not arrive, because of the horrible weather. However, the bus came on the bus terminal. There were a lot of people, who were waiting up to the bus like me. So there was crowd of people, who wanted to get into the bus. That was awful!
    Happily, I got to the seat place. That was the only one thing, which made me glad. Sad to say, I didn’ t have a clue, that this journey home will may be the last…
    The busman drove like a lunatic! On the road was the snow, about 5 cm and the weather was still terrible. The evening came very soon, so he didn’ t see on the way well. He rode perhaps 90 kilometers per hour, because he drove up other vehicles on the highway! Others drove much carefully in these conditions, than our busman. In that moment, I was thinking so I will die. I don’ t believe in God, but I began to pray.
    Finally, I got home to Loučná nad Desnou right, but it was the worst journey home I have ever pass.

3 Katerina Gryczova Katerina Gryczova | 14. března 2010 v 15:33 | Reagovat

Our holiday

Last week we decided that  we go by car to Slovakia. I and my friend Lukáš wanted to hike in the High Tatras. A t the school we had one week holiday so we wanted to spend this time together in the mountains.  

We set of Monday´s moorning. It was very early and road was emty so Lukáš had to drive very slowly because of heavy snowing. Everywhere was white snow. We met any cars. In one we saw the snímal in the middle of  the road. It was doe. It was late to stopped our car so Lukáš turned his wheel. It was horrible moment because we hitted to the tree. Our car was broke down.  

Unfortunately, we were OK. We wanted to call for help but there was not signal. In the end we had lucky. Soma car stopped and he rescue us.

4 Roman Pekárek Roman Pekárek | E-mail | 15. března 2010 v 13:41 | Reagovat

It was early morning, the weekend before Christmas. It was after a student party with classmates. I went home to Dolní Dunajovice from Olomouc through Brno. Usual way. Unusual event.

The train pulled out of the station at 7:06 Olomouc. Halfway ceased to go heater and also the train delay. In Brno, I did not make change for the bus to Dunajovice and I had to freeze an hour at the bus station. I was angry, but nothing I could do. The bus also was not surprising heating. The driver drove the route the first time and got lost.

When stopped he turned to the passengers and asked if anyone knows where we are. I went to him and I navigated him back to the original route. I arrived home about 1.5 hours later, but alive and well.

5 Ondřej Kolman Ondřej Kolman | 15. března 2010 v 15:03 | Reagovat

The story I will tell you happened last year during our journey to United States of  America.
It was warm and sunny August and I with my four friends were driving back from Grand Canyon National park to Los Angeles on the road 66. There was no traffic, so the ride was quite easygoing but sometimes very boring and exhaustíng, the air temperature was about forty degrees.
When we were almost at L.A., something horrible happened. Coyote, Coyote, everbody started to scream loudly. But it was too late. We went too fast. We hit this animal by right bumper when he tried to go across the road. We had to stop car and look out of the car what really happened. We were surprised, Coyote nowhere. But when we look into our car, we notice, that front part of our car was  totaly damaged.
Fortunately, we had  a car from local rental and also we were insured. So we called the car assistence.
After of one hour waiting, they bring us new car, without paying anything for it and our old car  took to service.
At the end, we were lucky, that nobody was injured and we also got to L.A. on time, but what happened with the coyote is a mystery.

6 Tomáš Strela Tomáš Strela | E-mail | 15. března 2010 v 15:36 | Reagovat

My worst nightmare journey was six years ago, in 2004. It was journey from greece island Rhodos. I was on holiday with my family. Mother, father and my younger sister. Holiday was absolutely perfect, but when we went back, the journey was incredible nightmare. And why? All was ok, we said  to plane, slowly started but then...When we flow up, the plane began to shake. Very intensive. I thought it´s my end. The plane was in very power turbulency and we were circa fifteen minutes in the shock! The captain of our plane us appeased and advised about very bad weather. Some embarkments even futher bellow! Fortunately, after fifteen minutes of ,,death´s“ was our plane again clam and we breated out. Our journey resumed next, all right and we came back happily and safely to home on Slowakia.

7 Marek Marek | 15. března 2010 v 15:40 | Reagovat

Nightmare journey

Once day in past summer I and my cousin Pavel were going for swim to flooded quarry in Výkleky. We rode by car of my cousin. That  was very old and very unreliable vehicle. Everything in it didn´t function. In halfway broke the motor of the car and we stopped. We called our friend Michal that we need pull away the car. Michal was going after two hours.. We added unmobile car on the rope from Michal´s car. Michal didn´t have much petrol, the red control of  his petrol tank was shined, but we hoped that be enough. It didn´t enough… Soon we stopped again and we have two unmobile cars. We stood near the petrol station but nobody of us didn´t have money. We must go home for money  and return back for petrol to petrol station. We arrived at home in the evening.

8 Pavla Žeravíková Pavla Žeravíková | E-mail | 15. března 2010 v 18:49 | Reagovat

Nightmare journey
and my last journey

My nightmare journey was two years ago. I was nineteen years old and I travelled to Barcelona with my friends. We were going to spend a weekend in Spanish famous city.

I had to leave my house about eight o’clock and I had to go to the railway station in Olomouc city. But I missed the bus because I forgot my passport at home. So I went home for my passport and my father took me to Olomouc by car. I arrived to the station on time. My friends were there and we went to Prag by train. In Prag we had to find the airport. It was easy. We boarded. We took off and I was very nervous because it was my first flight ever. In half an hour some man caught air-hostess and he was holding gun to her head and she was screaming for help. The people were scared and nobody didn’t know what to do. The man was screaming too, but nobody undrestood, because he was completely mad and his English was very bad so it didn’t make sense. He killed the air-hostess and he killed also two pilots in the plane‘s cockpit.

We were completely lost. We began to cry. The plane fell to the ground and we’ve never seen the Barcelona.

9 Majda Majda | 15. března 2010 v 19:22 | Reagovat

On July 2009 me and my friends decided to go for holiday to the sea. At first it seemed to be a good idea... We went to Italy by car. The journey was fine, there were no traffic jams and we arrived there on time. Our accommodation looked quite comfortable and because the price was low, we was very happy and surprised.
Everything started when we left our room and went to the beach. One of my friends fell down when we were crossing  the street and one car drove over him! He screamed and cried a lot! It was so stressful. We didn’t know what to do and one Italian pedestrian called the police and emergency.
My friend spent the rest of our holiday in a hospital with broken legs and arms and his face was raw. We couldn’t enjoy the holiday and we wanted to go home. It was the worst holiday we´ve ever been!

10 Lenka Němčíková Lenka Němčíková | 15. března 2010 v 21:45 | Reagovat

The worst way by train

A story happened on January this year. I traveled by train from Kolin to Olomouc. The train  went for a season. The train was overcrowded with students as ever. The students stood on a manway, but I sat down, because I traveled only herself. Student of Ostrava university and parents with two teenager and I were in a compartment. We started and stoped at the moment. The train stoped off a station in a fields.
A conductor came in a twenty minutes and said : „We do not know, how long we would be here,  because we have driven over a suicide. Police must come and investigate a event.  The suicide must be to frozen out.“ One hour passed and the train stoped. It did not heat in the overcrowd compartment  and I began to freeze. Two hours passed and the train stoped. Suddenly the train started. We were happy.
My way from Kolin to Olomouc last for four hours. I usually traveled two hours. Fortunately I am not in a hurry so I am „only“ froze througt, but I was not ill.

11 Greguš Pepík Greguš Pepík | E-mail | 15. března 2010 v 22:14 | Reagovat

My terrible journey begins in my hometown, Cerveny Kostelec. It started on Monday, January 21st. I was trying to catch a train,because of my exam. I was travelling alone.Exam started at 10 am, so I planned to arrive at 9 am. The journey from Cerveny Kostelec lasts 4 hours, so i drived out from home at 5 am.
    But it was exactly that time of year, when you certainly know, that something will go wrong – winter with a heavy snowfall. My fears filled, when I came to the train station. All boards signalized, that all trains had delay, some of them for two hours.
     I thought, that I had no chance to arrive on time for my exam. But in that moment arrived a train, that had this two hours delay, so I was saved a got to Olomouc on time. And by the way I passed the exam with an A :o)

12 Tomáš Opletal Tomáš Opletal | E-mail | 15. března 2010 v 22:36 | Reagovat

My nightmare journey

    I think,that my worst journey was from Milano to my home.I should went by plane,from Bergamo airport,because I booked my flight with Ryan air,who are low far and low cost airlines and Theky are not conected with Malpensa airport,witch is the main airport in Milano.Bergamo is smaller city near Milano,it is one hour far away by bus.So first hen I arriwed to Bergamo airport with my two luggages(ono was bag and second one was suitcase),they told me at airport hall,that my suitcase is too heavy(the major luggage can weigh only 15 kilograms),so I had to woo that nice lady to let me go with my luggage,that weighed only 2 kilograms over.I had to stuck at Bergamo airport 4 hours before boarding.The flight took only 1 hour and hen I arriwed to Bratislava airport I was in hurry,because I really waned to catch the train to my town (Olomouc).But I missed the bus to railway station,because I had to wait for my luggage…so then I offcourse  didn´t catch my train,at that moment I was getting angry.I had to wait another 4 hours.Finally the train arriwed and I could take up.In the train I asked the ticket collector where should I take off to catch a train to Olomouc.He said that I have to take off in Brno,offcourse he was wrong!The right place of changeing my train was Břeclav…so I had to go to Česká Třebová and there I was waiting 1 hour for my train to Olomouc,I had no money for another ticket,so I explained my situation to female ticket collector,who was really nice to me and she understood me,so she left me go for free…all the journey took something more than 15 hours…next time better to go by bus,deffinitly much more comfortable!

13 geoupol geoupol | 16. března 2010 v 11:24 | Reagovat

OK, this session is closed now!

Within a day or two I will publish corrections of your texts!

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